Treat Your Fibroids without a Hysterectomy

Young women often experience uterine fibroids during their childbearing years. They often believe the only way to remove them from their uterus is through a hysterectomy, but this also rids them of the chances of childbearing. But there are ways to treat fibroids without a hysterectomy. Luckily, medications and alternative surgery treatments help or cure … Continued

Have a Sexier 2018 with These Helpful Tips

A new year has begun, and it is time for a new set of plans and goals. We have your tips for a sexy 2018 for those with new year’s resolutions that involve more intimacy. While everyone is planning their healthy new year’s resolutions, expect to have more healthy and engaging intimacy to help boost … Continued

Why Do We Fart?

It’s the embarrassing act no one claims when it happens and can clear a room. Farts are a natural human act even when they happen at the most inconvenient moments. But what makes us fart? Facts about farts help you with an explanation to why we release gas from this part of our bodies. While … Continued

Femilift Is the Perfect Gift for You This Christmas

It’s the time of the year where we are coming up with our list of gifts for the holidays and our new year’s resolutions. Are you wanting more passion in you 2018? Femilift as a gift serves as both a present for you and a new year’s resolution. Women deserve to celebrate the new year … Continued

Interesting Facts about Hemorrhoids Will Have You Scratching…Your Head

Feeling the urge to scratch your bottom or not feeling clean after going number 2? Doctors hear their patients self-diagnose themselves with hemorrhoids all the time when in reality, they are not suffering from it. Knowing the facts of hemorrhoids keeps you from assuming you have them when you aren’t suffering from it at all. … Continued

The Painful and Long Menorrhagia Facts You Need to Know

Do you experience longer periods than the usual five days? Do they also involve painful cramps keeping you home during your menstruation? Longer periods with painful cramps are common signs of menorrhagia. If you are unfamiliar with this type of menstruation issue, we have the menorrhagia facts you need to know. If you see you … Continued

4 Techniques to Boost Your Self-esteem after Giving Birth

Giving birth to your new bundle of joy is a great experience, but you just aren’t feeling the same as you did before. You can feel the same as you did before your baby, and there are techniques to boost your self-esteem after giving birth. Get the uplift in confidence you need to increase your … Continued

How to Avoid Constipation after Your Hysterectomy

It is common for women who are recovering from a hysterectomy to experience constipation. If you are experiencing constipation after your hysterectomy, we have different ways and techniques to avoid being uncomfortably bound up. Because you are in recovery, your body isn’t getting the same amount of activity as it was before so keeping it … Continued

A Femilift Treatment Will Give You Something to Be Thankful for

If you have had a Femilift procedure this year, November is the perfect time to give your thanks for the passion and intimacy you have once again because of it. Add your Femilift treatment to your list of thanks this year for how it has helped you get back to feeling sexy self again and … Continued

3 Ways to Prevent Weight Gain after a Hysterectomy

After a hysterectomy, many women find themselves more and more sedentary as they heal. It’s easy to put on weight when most of the first two weeks of recovery you spend in bed, and you find yourself mindlessly snacking or overeating. Prevent weight gain after a hysterectomy by following these three tips and being enjoying … Continued

Femilift Is Giving Women Tears of Joy

What is the cause of so many women crying happy tears after visiting their doctors? The answer is Femilift, and after you discover what this vaginal laser procedure is, you too may get a little choked up. It has helped so many women get their confidence back by treating their vaginal issues keeping them from … Continued