The Qualifications You Need for Femilift

The Qualifications You Need for Femilift

You have heard all about Femilift and how amazing the results are in such little amount of time. The vaginal rejuvenation treatment has had a fantastic impact on many women’s lives. But like all other procedures, there are qualifications for Femilift to consider before you request your appointment. It is essential to see if there … Continued

Your Guide to Hysterectomy Awareness Month

April showers bring May flowers, but the fifth month of the year brings awareness to the surgical procedure some women might not honestly know about the surgery. Hysterectomy Awareness Month is celebrated in May to provide women more information about this gynecological surgery. There are so many stigmas about this procedure women have but little … Continued

5 Foods to Avoid if You Have Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease is a condition many suffer from and do their best to avoid a flare-up, which often means changes to their diet. Similar to other colorectal conditions, your favorite foods might have to change, and you begin to discover foods to avoid when you have Crohn’s disease in the hopes of not disrupting their … Continued

4 Helpful Ways to Deal with Hot Flashes

Do you suddenly experience a burst of heat in your body, even though the temperature is lower than 60 degrees? Women suffer many years with the struggles and symptoms of the condition and search for helpful ways to handle hot flashes. The burst of heat at a random time in the day or night keeps … Continued

Harvesting Your Eggs before a Hysterectomy

Thoughts of the future are often placed on the line when a woman has to consider a hysterectomy to treat a possible cancer diagnosis. The possibility of having a biological child diminishes once the uterus, and often the fallopian tubes and ovaries. The best option for women to keep their chances of being mothers is … Continued

Robotic Hysterectomy: The Innovative New Procedure for Women

There are so many advances in surgical procedures nowadays which are more minimally invasive and less intimidating to the patient. One example of surgery evolutions is the robotic hysterectomy. This new advancement is not your mother’s type of hysterectomy, as it is an advancement in the standard surgical procedure. The modern take on hysterectomies is … Continued

Pushing Through Life After Surviving Cancer

Too often people who have recently gone through chemotherapy or made it through the battle with cancer have to pick up where they left off in their daily routines. But life after surviving cancer is difficult for the survivor to adjust to it again. After a person receives a diagnosis of gynecologic cancers or starts … Continued

Women’s Health and Sex Later in Life

Many women believe after they reach a certain age, the intimacy and excitement of their sex life just fade into the abyss. Loss of sex during menopause or at an older age couldn’t be further from the truth, as women are discovering the health benefits of sex later in life. Just because your body has … Continued

Your Guide to Diverticulitis

Do you have low fiber in your daily diet and your bowel movements are paying for it? It is a gut feeling to think you just need more fiber in your daily food intake. If you don’t change your diet soon, it might turn into a case of diverticulitis. This colon condition affects several aspects … Continued

Femilift: Helping Women Get Sexy Again [Infographic]

With Spring around the corner, women are hurrying to get their vaginal laser procedures done before it’s too late. But some women don’t have to worry about time with the help of Femilift. This innovative vaginal rejuvenation procedure takes less time and offers women no downtime afterward, allowing them to enjoy their regenerated confidence immediately.

Dr. Lynn Kowalski Brings Gynecological Care to Facebook Live

Facebook is a place to connect individuals from all over to a topic or a friendship. You can see what your friends are doing or what they like and share stories of your life. With the feature of Facebook Live, you get to interact with individuals in real time and discuss an event or topic. … Continued

You Shouldn’t Ignore These Vague Signs of Ovarian and Cervical Cancer

You Shouldn’t Ignore These Vague Signs of Ovarian and Cervical Cancer

For women, many vague symptoms of bleeding or cramping are easy to brush off because they think they are typical of menstruation. But often they could be trying to tell you something more serious, like typical signs of ovarian and cervical cancer. While many women shrug off these ailments or stay silent during doctor appointment, … Continued