Femilift Laser Vaginal Tightening & Rejuvenation Treatment

Femilift Laser Vaginal Tightening & Rejuvenation Treatment

Women suffer from embarrassing complications affecting their intimacy, but they don’t have to suffer anymore with the help of laser vaginal tightening. NVSCC is a proud provider of the innovative Femilift treatment, who has helped many women get back to the intimacy they deserve.

Laser Vaginal Tightening with Femilift

Our very own Dr. Lynn Kowalski is one of the first trailblazing gynecologists in Las Vegas to offer the quick, painless solution for many women who suffer from vaginal concerns. The Femilift procedure is an innovation in laser vaginal rejuvenation and gives women their confidence back in little time.

What are causes of vaginal issues?

Millions of women suffer from loss of vaginal elasticity and vaginal lubrication. It can often cause them to experience painful intercourse.

Such causes are often menopause resulting in the loss of hormones and sometimes causes the vagina to become less lubricated. Vaginal problems aren’t only for those going through menopause, though. Women who have gone through childbirth can also have issues with their vaginal elasticity due to stretching during delivery. Childbirth results in a permanent loss of tone and can lead to a change in sensation during sexual intercourse. These symptoms can diminish a woman’s confidence and can ultimately place a strain in sexual relations.

How Femilift treatments help with vaginal issues?

Do you want a boost in confidence during intimacy without the recovery time? Femilift is the latest in vaginal laser rejuvenation procedures that stands out amongst other procedures. The minimally-invasive procedure has no recovery time, giving you results almost instantly.

The Femilift procedure uses a high-precision Alma CO2 laser probe to apply thermal energy into the vagina. The doctor inserts a probe into the vagina with a 360-degree rotation capability. The thermal energy assists in revitalizing vaginal mucosa and causes a vaginal tightening and lubricating effect. The vaginal laser rejuvenation procedure takes only FIVE minutes and is done in our office. FemiLift is not a surgical procedure, but a minimally invasive laser treatment and requires no anesthesia or downtime; that’s why it’s so quick and painless.

Dr. Lynn Kowalski

“I encourage you to make an appointment with me today to determine if FemiLift can help improve your quality of life.”

Get Laser Vaginal Tightening Today!

Get your confidence and intimacy back the same day as your laser vaginal procedure. Dr. Lynn Kowalski will walk you through the entire process and ensure your comfort. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for our Femilift treatment.