Gynecologic Oncology vs. Gynecology vs. OB/GYN: Who to See

When dealing with the female reproductive system, precise care and proper diagnosis are a necessity. Whether dealing with abnormal menstrual cycles, trying to get pregnant, or a medical emergency of a reproductive organ, there are numerous specialists in the main field of gynecology to help female patients get the proper care that they need.    … Continued

Colon Cancer In Men vs. Women: The Facts to Know

Colon cancer is a type of cancer that develops in the colon or the large intestine. It’s also called colorectal cancer, which can develop in the colon and rectum at the end of your digestive tract. It is the third most common type of cancer diagnosed in America. In 2022, 106,180 new cases of colon … Continued

Exploring the Alma CO2 Laser In Femilift: The Tech, The Benefits

Women frequently experience unpleasant issues that interfere with their intimacy, but thanks to laser vaginal tightening, they no longer have to. The NVSCC is happy to provide cutting-edge Femilift therapy, which has assisted many women in regaining the confidence and intimacy they deserve. What Is FemiLift? FemiLift is a well-established, non-surgical and safe solution to … Continued

How To Find An Experienced Rectal Cancer Doctor In Nevada

What Is Rectal Cancer? Colorectal cancer, also known as rectal cancer and colon cancer, is the third most prevalent cancer diagnosed in the United States after skin malignancies.  The large intestine extends for a few inches into the rectum; it begins at the end of the last section of your colon and terminates when it … Continued

Colon Cancer Age Range: Knowledge Is Power

With the exception of skin cancer, colon cancer ranks 3rd amongst the most common cancers in the US. In 2022 alone, the American Cancer Society estimates about 106,000 new cases of colon cancer and 45,000 new cases of rectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is a disease where cells in the colon or rectum grow uncontrollably. The … Continued

Gynecologic Surgery and Time Off Work: What To Know

Gynecologic surgery effectively treats noncancerous conditions affecting the female reproductive system — including menstrual problems, pelvic pain, endometriosis, fibroids, and ovarian cysts. A qualified gynecologist performs gynecologic surgery in an outpatient clinic or examination room.  Common Types of Gynecologic Surgery If you have a gynecologic problem, your doctor will diagnose your condition and recommend the … Continued

Ethics, Genetic Testing, and Counseling: A Patient Guide

Genetic testing and counseling is a rapidly growing and fascinating field of medicine. Though testing is relatively new, it has been the topic of many government policies and practices involving genetics and testing for various conditions like sickle cell anemia.   Every newly developed genetic test brings several issues regarding health, medicine, and social policy … Continued

Gynecologic Oncology Procedures and Cancers: A Complete List

Cancers of the female reproductive system or gynecologic cancers are rare. However, all women have a risk of developing gynecologic cancer, which increases with age. Gynecologic cancer can be treated, but treatment is more effective if the cancer is diagnosed early.  Gynecologic oncology is the medical field that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of … Continued

Colon Cancer Genetic Markers & When To Get Tested

Colorectal cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in the United States among both men and women. But there are genetic markers for colon cancer that can indicate when someone is at high risk.  Knowing the symptoms, your own risk factors, and when to screen can be crucial to detecting the illness … Continued

Does Femilift Have Side Effects? Here’s What To Know

As women age, they often find they face many feminine health concerns. These concerns can affect intimacy, so conversations regarding their concerns may not happen due to self-consciousness or being uncomfortable. There is something that exists that can address intimacy issues. For years, women have had few options when choosing vaginal tightening. Femilift is a … Continued

3 Colon Cancer Risk Factors to Know

Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers and the third leading cause of cancer deaths. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can reduce your chances of getting colon cancer. Learning about colon cancer risk factors is a good place to start. Colon cancer is the common term for cancer … Continued

FemiLift, MonaLisa Touch, and ThermiVa: A Guide for Nevada Residents

The female body experiences many physical changes over time, particularly after childbirth and during menopause. Some of the most surprising ones happen to bodily areas that we don’t usually talk about. Most of these changes result in urinary incontinence, pain during intercourse, difficulty achieving orgasm, vaginal dryness, and other frustrating symptoms. This article will introduce … Continued