Gynecological Cancer & Genetics: What to Know

Gynecological cancers affect the female reproductive system. They pose a significant threat to women’s health worldwide and require specialized care and treatment.  Gynecological cancers can be of the following types: cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, and vulvar cancer. Of these, uterine cancer is the most common type in the U.S., with 26.82 cases per 100,000, whereas … Continued

Menopause & Vaginal Health: Solutions to Know

The menstrual cycle is a natural part of every woman’s life. From adolescence to old age, women’s bodies — especially the reproductive organs — go through many changes, all thanks to the hormonal changes that accompany menstruation.  However, once women arrive at the end of their reproductive years, usually around the late 40s or early … Continued

Colon and Rectal Cancer Surgery Recovery: What to Know

Cancer is a common chronic disease caused by an abnormal growth of cells in the body that can spread to other organs. It can be effectively treated through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy.  Treatment depends on the type, stage, location, size, and spread of cancer. Surgery is commonly done to remove tumors, … Continued

Navigating the Emotional Journey of Cancer Diagnosis

Finding out that you have cancer can be hard. It’s often accompanied by a range of emotions like shock, anxiety, fear, and sadness. In addition to preparing for treatment, you may have multiple worries, like how this will impact your lifestyle, loved ones, and finances. A cancer diagnosis can feel overwhelming, and you may want … Continued

The Role of Exercise In Preventing Colon Cancer

Regular exercise is vital for healthy living. Doctors recommend incorporating some form of physical activity into your schedule to improve your quality of life. Exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight, improves your stamina, and strengthens your body. Its benefits extend beyond physical health, as it boosts your mental health and mood, reduces stress, and … Continued

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Genetic Testing During Pregnancy: Prenatal Screening Quick Guide

Genetic testing is an amazing technology that can provide valuable information regarding your current and future health. It involves DNA examination, which is the chemical catalog of your body instructions.  The testing can show unnatural changes in the body that can lead to medical pathology. But if you have thought about getting pregnant, genetic testing … Continued

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New Year’s Resolutions Your Colon Will Thank You For

It is the end of the year. Vacations from work, beautiful snow, family get-togethers, and notorious parties are abundant. As you enter the New Year, before the countdown, look around at your food plate. What are you eating? It is safe to assume it is not a plate of healthy veggies and grains, but more … Continued

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Colon Cancer Prevention: 5 Ways to Reduce Your Risk

Colon cancer is a disease caused by abnormal growth in the colon or rectum. In America, it is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in men and women. One in 23 or 4.3% of men and one in 25 or 4.0% of women are at risk of developing colon cancer. Factors such as diet … Continued

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Is Femilift Covered by Insurance? Payment and Cost Tips

A woman’s body undergoes several changes over time due to hormonal fluctuations and aging. These changes can lead to feminine health concerns that can make you self-conscious and affect intimacy. NVSCC offers a safe and effective treatment called Femilift to address your concerns, rejuvenate your feminine health, and revive intimacy.  What Is Femilift? Femilift laser … Continued

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Colon Cancer Risk & Black Americans: What to Know

Colon or colorectal cancer affects the cells of your large intestine (colon), or the tail end of the intestine, called the rectum. The colon cells grow uncontrollably, producing tumors. Other abnormal large bowel growths, like polyps, can also turn cancerous over time. According to the American Cancer Society, this cancer occurs in about 1 in … Continued


Preparing for Your Gynecologic Surgery: Your Pre-op Checklist

It’s natural to feel nervous or unsure before undergoing surgery, especially if it’s your first time. But you don’t have to worry, we’re here to answer your questions and explain everything you need to know. This article discusses what gynecologic surgery involves and how you should prepare for surgery. What Is Gynecologic Surgery?  Gynecologic surgery … Continued

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Colon Cancer and Back or Abdominal Pain: Symptoms to Not Ignore

Cancer occurs when cells in the body uncontrollably mutate and grow abnormally. Colon cancer is an abnormal growth of colon or GI tract cells. The degree of progress cancer has spread throughout the GI system determines its stage. Proper treatment and accurate staging are needed to predict outcome accurately. There were an estimated 105,000 colon … Continued