What is Femilift? A Woman’s Guide to a Feminine Lift

What is Femilift? A Woman’s Guide to a Feminine Lift

A woman deserves to live a feminine life that is enjoyable, healthy, and gratifying. However, when women go through menopause or childbirth their entire body can change.  Thank goodness laser technologies brought the world Femilift but what is Femilift you may ask? The Femilift procedure is an FDA-approved treatment that offers quick benefits to women who are looking to get back into their groove.

What is Femilift?

Femilift is a minimally invasive vaginal regeneration process helping women get back into their intimacy in no time. The Femilift laser treatments use an Alma CO2 laser with 360 degrees rotating probe to assist in vaginal revitalization. The probe is inserted into the vagina to apply this thermal energy. Thermal energy inside the vagina causes the assistance of vaginal mucosa revitalization and gives the vaginal wall tightening and lubricating effect.

The Alma CO2 laser is an FDA-approved device trusted by gynecologists for years. Femilift is just one of the many ways dermatologists and certified nurses have been using the laser for years. Alma has over 20 years of experience researching lasers for government and private hospitals alike, wanting to create comfortable, safe laser methods to help aid various medical needs.

This quick procedure has a quick recovery time as well. Femilift happens in the comfort of your doctor’s office, takes a total of 10 minutes, and you won’t have to go under for the procedure. There isn’t any downtime after your procedure, which means you can experience the results the same night! The only recovery you’ll do is to recover from all the passion and intimacy you will experience after your procedure.

Femilift is unlike other vaginal rejuvenation procedures where you need multiple treatments to get the results you need. You will only need one Femilift laser vaginal tightening procedure to feel the results and rid yourself of vaginal dryness!

What issues does Femilift solve?

Sometimes women suffer from biological issues that prevent them from indulging in the intimacy they deserve. These problems often make women dread even the thought of sex. The Femilift laser vaginal procedure helps reverse those issues quickly, so women have more time to enjoy the intimacy they’ve missed.

  • Menopausal women often fear the act of intimacy due to the pain they experience during it and the dryness in the vaginal area adds to the painful experience. Women of all ages shouldn’t have to stop enjoying their sexual relations due to complications.
  • Those who have gone through natural childbirth also experience a difference in their sexual relations. They experience structural changes in their vaginas such as stretching of their vaginal tissues and experiencing a permanent loss of tone. Due to these structural changes, sexual intercourse for women has a different sensation and makes it unenjoyable.
  • Another feminine issues a Femilift treatment helps treat is stress urinary incontinence or loss of urine when laughing, sneezing, or coughing. Women shouldn’t have to go through life avoiding laughing due to a loss of urine and Femilift will help you with laughing with confidence again.

These issues can diminish a woman’s confidence and sexual drive but they don’t have to give up yet. Femilift gives women the boost they need to go after the passion they deserve.

What is Female Viagra?

Known as the “Little Pink Pill,” a drug called Addyi helps increase the libidos of women who struggle with a sexual decline, a condition called hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). The pill was nicknamed “The Female Viagra” after its FDA approval in August 2015. Although the creators of Addyi had good intentions, there is some controversy about the pill’s effectiveness and safety.

You cannot get a prescription for the pill unless your physician completes an Addyi education course. Not many physicians prescribe medicine as they question its efficiency. Women become aroused in different ways than men, which is why the name “Female Viagra” is not accurate. 

Male arousal occurs when blood flows into the genitals, but female arousal is more complicated. Researchers had to discover a way to aid in the brain stimulation women need to increase their sexual awakening.

The Difference Between Femilift and Female Viagra


Many patients wonder how to become more sexually active and stop their sexual decline. When compared to the FemiLift vaginal rejuvenation procedure, “Female Viagra” pales in comparison. A recent study showed women who took the Addyi pill only had on average one more significant sexual event than those who received the placebo.


Addyi has some dangerous side effects, including a drop in blood pressure and possible fainting when taken with alcohol. Because you take the pill daily, these side effects can be an issue for countless women who often consume alcohol for social purposes.


What use is increasing sexual desire if the woman is experiencing confidence issues with her sexual organs? The FemiLift is a one-time, short office procedure that has lasting results on a patient who’s overgone vaginal stretching after childbirth or menopause. Vaginal rejuvenation can help increase sexual sensation, making sex more pleasurable again—something the little pink pill cannot do.

Get Femilift from the Professionals

We hope we’ve helped educate you on the many uses of Femilift and how it can help revitalize your life. If you’re interested in getting this safe and powerful procedure, we’d love to hear from you. You don’t have to live your life feeling like the time has run out on your intimacy or femininity; We’re here to help!