Let’s Talk: Having a Conversation with Your Aging Parents about Intimacy

Let’s Talk: Having a Conversation with Your Aging Parents about Intimacy

Don’t we all hate the dreaded sex conversation with our parents, asking us if we are being safe and knew about protection? As a teenager, you can instantly feel the embarrassment filling up your body. But what happens if you reverse the roles and you are having a conversation about intimacy for your parents?

Although they are older, it is still crucial to discuss the safety aspects of sex, so your parents are protecting themselves. Let’s see if they are practicing what they preach. Talking about your parents’ intimacy allows you to help them better understand any new things to help with their passion.

Having a Less Awkward Conversation about Intimacy with Your Parents

It may be a surprise to you, but many men and women have an active sex life way into their senior years. However, sex after 50 comes with some risks your aging parents need to know. Here’s some advice on how to talk to your parents about intimacy and educating your aging parent with an active sex life.

How to have a conversation with your parents about intimacy

When a person is married for many years, they most likely do not have to worry about getting screened for STDs. Having one sex partner tends to help protect your sexual health. However, when a person becomes divorced or outlives their spouse, he or she may decide to start dating again.

Risky business

Many seniors do not know the risk associated with having an active sex life. Family members, like you, can offer support or resources for having sex after 50. Start by showing genuine interest in their love life by asking questions about a new friend they’ve started hanging out with on their free time. Ask if they’re using protection, like condoms. Remind them STDs can happen to anyone if they’re not careful.

Reliable advice

You might not have all the information for your parents during their conversation about intimacy, so express the importance of getting regular medical screenings and advice from a doctor. Things have changed since they were young. Now, it’s harder to know someone’s full sexual history. Luckily, treatments are much better now, too. If your loved one is embarrassed to talk to you about their sexual health, recommend they see a doctor. Visiting a professional could offer the safety and privacy they need to talk about sex and stay protected.

Addressing Lack of Passion in Your Parents’ Life

A sexual decline is another issue to come up with sex after 50. As she ages, a woman will see many changes in her body. Sex after menopause can sometimes be difficult or painful. Your mom doesn’t have to suffer from these symptoms when she is ready to continue having her fun with your dad. Luckily, vaginal laser rejuvenation is helping so many women to up their passion in as little as one treatment.

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