Check for These Pre-Existing Conditions before Scheduling Your FemiLift

Check for These Pre-Existing Conditions before Scheduling Your FemiLift

The majority of women qualify as candidates for FemiLift vaginal tightening laser procedures. For those that experience itching or sagging feelings in their pelvic region, urinary incontinence, or pain during intercourse, the FemiLift treatment simply renews and restores tissue, structure and collagen growth in the vaginal canal. But, there are some reasons you may not … Continued

Dr. Kowalski Preforms 1000th Robotic Case

MountainView Hospital congratulates Dr. Lynn Kowalski, Medical Director of MountianView Hospital’s Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery, on her 1,000th robotic case. Dr. Kowalski is board certified in Gynecologic Oncology. MountainView’s Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery provides a wide array of robotic-assisted surgery, including the specialty in gynecologic oncology. MountainView Hospital is the only … Continued

Pelvic Prolapse and FemiLift Vaginal Tightening

FemiLift vaginal tightening laser treatments not only assist in rejuvenating the vaginal tissues to a more youthful state, but the procedure also assists in preventing pelvic prolapse and urinary incontinence. What is pelvic prolapse? Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) means female organs like the bladder, uterus, and bowels sag from the weakening of pelvic floor muscles. … Continued