Grab an Aspirin: How Aspirin May Lower Risk of Breast Cancer in Women with Diabetes

Grab an Aspirin: How Aspirin May Lower Risk of Breast Cancer in Women with Diabetes

What if the answer to breast cancer prevention in diabetic women was aspirin? Recent studies are showing a significant risk reduction in breast cancer for diabetic women who had long term use of a low-dose aspirin.

More medical professionals are researching how aspirin could potentially help women’s health and also prevent breast cancer. Aspirin is being used to not only reduce breast cancer risk, but also cardiovascular disease, making a daily dose of aspirin even more beneficial for women. 

Discover How to Use Aspirin for Breast Cancer Prevention

According to new research, there may be a connection between taking regularly taking low-dose aspirin, also known as “baby” aspirin, and a lower risk for breast cancer. Diabetic women may now be able to lower their chance of developing breast cancer by just taking a low dose aspirin every day—which means breast cancer prevention can happen with just a daily aspirin. 

A more recent study conducted in 2018 suggests that aspirin has low impact on breast cancer outcomes overall, but that it may have an impact on stage 1 tumors. Further research will need to be conducted in the future to see what the true impact of low-dose aspirin is. 

A high percent reduction

Diabetes in women has been known to increase the risk of developing breast cancer. A recent study done by a team of medical researchers in Taiwan studied 148,739 diabetic women and had them begin taking a low dose aspirin. In their 14 years of studying this group of women, the researchers saw the breast cancer risk reduced by 47%.

In comparison to women who didn’t take an aspirin, the diabetic women taking an aspirin a day showed an 18% lower risk of developing breast cancer. This may be a breakthrough in breast cancer prevention for women.

Hitting two birds with one stone

Low dose aspirin could be an answer to breast cancer prevention if women begin to taking it long-term. But an aspirin can still serve to prevent cardiovascular disease. Therefore, an aspirin a day can be a fighter in the risk of two diseases affecting women’s health today.

More on the Uses for Aspirin to Manage Health Issues

While low-dose aspirin seems to show a moderate reduction in risk, it should not be the sole method for your health management. It is important to maintain a healthy exercise routine to help prevent breast cancer as well as other health problems.

Low-dose aspirin used to prevent heart disease, and now breast cancer, works differently than high-dose aspirin. A higher dose of aspirin is taken sporadically to help with pain or headaches rather than on a regular basis.

Aspirin helps reduce inflammation as well as reduce estrogen in the blood. Estrogen also fuels tumors in the breast and breast cancer. 

While it may seem that low-dose aspirin has a concrete connection to breast cancer, it still needs more research to be proven. For now, the best way to prevent breast cancer is with regular exercise, good diet, and visits to your general practitioner as well as specialist doctors when appropriate. 

Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Prevention

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