When is a Perfect Time for a Cervical Cancer Screening

Is there ever a good time to look into your chances of cervical cancer? If you are not aware, a cervical cancer screening is a great option to learn your potential of obtaining it in the future. But many women are unfamiliar with the appropriate moment to schedule their screening. When it comes to bringing … Continued

We’ll Tell You a Secret to Intimacy Later in Your Life

Many women are often in search for good, juicy secrets, whether its a detail about someone or the insight on a good deal. But what if we told you we have the inside scoop to getting your desired intimacy later in life? Well, can you keep a secret? Women of all ages are beginning to … Continued

Female Intimacy Battle Royale: Femilift versus Female Viagra

Women continuously need a push into their vibrant intimacy after they hit a certain age. There are helpful ways for women to get their groove back, but which one is the best for you? When it comes to the battle of Femilift vs. Female Viagra, the vaginal rejuvenation and the pill form go head-to-head to … Continued

Tracking Women’s Health Through Apps

Modernism has helped so many women with technology our mothers only wished to have in the palm of their hands. With smartphones, there are so many women’s health apps for the ladies to use to help them follow-up everything we go through, such as our menstruation. These apps to track women’s health and wellness offers … Continued

Keeping Intimacy after Your Hysterectomy

Hysterectomies are often a bad word in the life of a woman, as they feel their whole life will be completely different after the gynecological surgery. Their moods, body, and intimacy after a hysterectomy are significant components a woman takes into consideration when given the choice of undergoing the procedure. But life after a hysterectomy … Continued

Staying Safe after Femilift

Practicing safe sex throughout your life is crucial to avoid STDs and unexpected pregnancy. As a woman, it could be tempting to not use a condom during intercourse due to vaginal dryness, but there is a solution to regenerate vaginal laxity. A vaginal laser rejuvenation treatment brings you back to your intimacy, and restoration of … Continued

Body Changes after Childbirth

The little bundle of joy you had inside your belly is finally seeing the world, and you couldn’t be more excited. You want to be the prettiest person they see for the first time, but after giving birth, you don’t feel so great about yourself. Body changes due to childbirth are more than just a … Continued

Lowering Your Risk of Colon Cancer with a Healthy Diet

In 2018, there are roughly 140,250 estimated new cases of colorectal cancer, which is almost 8.1% of men and women. Colorectal cancer is severe and like most cancers, has a higher success rate of survival with preliminary action. Your health is the foundation to lift your chances of obtaining colon cancer. An essential item to … Continued

Men Should Support Femilift

A significant relationship involves support for each other in crucial decisions. You are lifting each other up and ensuring you both have the confidence in intimacy. If your love is in need of a boost in her affection, you might want to consider a Femilift treatment. Men supporting Femilift helps women know they are not … Continued

The Qualifications You Need for Femilift

You have heard all about Femilift and how amazing the results are in such little amount of time. The vaginal rejuvenation treatment has had a fantastic impact on many women’s lives. But like all other procedures, there are qualifications for Femilift to consider before you request your appointment. It is essential to see if there … Continued

Your Guide to Hysterectomy Awareness Month

April showers bring May flowers, but the fifth month of the year brings awareness to the surgical procedure some women might not honestly know about the surgery. Hysterectomy Awareness Month is celebrated in May to provide women more information about this gynecological surgery. There are so many stigmas about this procedure women have but little … Continued

5 Foods to Avoid if You Have Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease is a condition many suffer from and do their best to avoid a flare-up, which often means changes to their diet. Similar to other colorectal conditions, your favorite foods might have to change, and you begin to discover foods to avoid when you have Crohn’s disease in the hopes of not disrupting their … Continued