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At-Home Colon Cancer Kits – Do They Work?

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Colon cancer takes the lives of 50,000 Americans each year. Being responsible for your health and being honest with your doctor can be vital. Colon cancer screening can be awkward and uncomfortable – but with at-home test kits, it is now possible to take the test in the comfort of your own home.  The big… Read more »

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Latest Advances in Cancer Treatments

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Breakthroughs in cancer research are happening every day. Advances in treatments have saved so many lives, and doctors and scientists are always looking for better ways to treat cancer with less or not-so-severe side effects. Many people who get cancer are living longer, fuller lives than even just 20 years ago. Advances in Cancer Treatments… Read more »

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Before and After a Hysterectomy: What to Expect

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Many women feel defeated and concerned when their doctor recommends a hysterectomy surgery. Although this procedure is meant to treat a troublesome medical condition, it can have some negative effects on a woman’s confidence. To be better prepared, here are some tips about getting through a hysterectomy and what to expect before and after your… Read more »

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Early Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer

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Ovarian cancer is the number one threat to a woman’s health due to the fact they find out in the later stages. Usually, women don’t see or feel any signs of ovarian cancer until it is too late. Being aware of ovarian cancer is crucial to your health. Here are some warning signs to look… Read more »

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The Journey of Colon Cancer

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Any cancer diagnosis can be physically and mentally straining. Learning you have colon cancer can be a very stressful time, and may inflict many emotions and concerns about your health. Once you have recognized your feelings and interests, you are already on the road to coping with cancer. What is a Colon? The colon is… Read more »

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What is Femilift? A Woman’s Guide to a Feminine Lift

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A woman deserves to live a feminine life that is enjoyable, healthy, and gratifying. However, when women go through menopause or childbirth their entire body can change.  Thank goodness laser technologies brought the world Femilift but what is Femilift you may ask? The Femilift procedure is an FDA approved treatment that offers quick benefits to… Read more »

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Preventive Cancer Care: What Is Genetic Testing For Cancer

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Cancer can affect anybody irrespective of age or background. Nonetheless, it is shown that some families can be at greater risk of some cancers than others. Gene mutations can be hereditary, which can increase the threat levels. Therefore, genetic testing for cancer is an important element of fighting back against the disease.  Here’s all you… Read more »

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Why Arousal After Menopause Isn’t a Myth!

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Women experiencing menopause believe they have passed their time to be intimate. Many women believe their age prevents them from enjoying intimacy because, after a certain age, they shouldn’t feel sexy. But that is simply not the case —women can experience arousal after menopause. Just like a fine wine, your intimacy can only get better… Read more »

Grab an Aspirin: How Aspirin May Lower Risk of Breast Cancer in Women with Diabetes

Grab an Aspirin: How Aspirin May Lower Risk of Breast Cancer in Women with Diabetes

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What if the answer to breast cancer prevention in diabetic women was aspirin? Recent studies are showing a significant risk reduction in breast cancer for diabetic women who had long term use of a low-dose aspirin.   More medical professionals are researching how aspirin could potentially help women’s health and also prevent breast cancer. Aspirin… Read more »

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What You Need to Know about Urinary Incontinence

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There isn’t anything more annoying than having to run to the bathroom regularly. For those living with urinary incontinence, this annoyance is constant. Urine incontinence is not just a problem for those who are enjoying the later years of their lives, many factors come into play for the medical issue to occur. Urinary incontinence keeps… Read more »