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Is Femilift Covered by Insurance? Payment and Cost Tips

A woman’s body undergoes several changes over time due to hormonal fluctuations and aging. These changes can lead to feminine health concerns that can make you self-conscious and affect intimacy. NVSCC offers a safe and effective treatment called Femilift to address your concerns, rejuvenate your feminine health, and revive intimacy. 

What Is Femilift?

Femilift laser treatment is a minimally invasive vaginal regeneration procedure. It helps treat feminine issues and improves vaginal health to restore intimacy and confidence. 

The Femilift procedure is safe and effective with no downtime and takes just five minutes. It involves the insertion of an FDA-approved Alma CO2 laser with a 360-degree rotating probe into the vagina. The laser delivers targeted thermal energy. The heat energy stimulates the production of a strengthening protein called collagen in vaginal cells. It contracts the vaginal walls and makes them tight. It also revitalizes the vaginal mucosa, which lubricates the vagina and prevents dryness. 

Who Is It For?

Femilift is the ideal treatment to address your feminine concerns. Your doctor will recommend Femilift laser treatment if you have the following problems:

  • Structural changes in your vagina, such as lax or stretched vaginal walls and loss of tone due to childbirth 
  • Vaginal pain and dryness due to menopause
  • Stress urinary incontinence or involuntary urination while laughing, sneezing, coughing, or performing physical activities 
  • Recurring infections in the vaginal area

These issues can make you self-conscious and affect your libido or sexual desire, leading to intimacy problems. Femilift helps you regenerate your femininity, revive your desire for intimacy, and boost your confidence. 

Is Femilift Covered by Insurance?

Health insurance typically covers medical treatment or surgery. But Femilift is a cosmetic or elective procedure for vaginal regeneration. It is similar to cosmetic procedures like breast enlargement or liposuction. Such procedures are usually not covered by health insurance. 

So, under what circumstances is Femilift covered by insurance?

If you are diagnosed with a vaginally related medical condition, like severe vaginal infection, stress urinary continence, and pelvic prolapse, you may need Femilift to treat it. In such cases, Femilift becomes a medical procedure rather than an elective one and can be covered by your health insurance. You’ll need to check with your doctor and insurance provider about coverage.

Payment Options for Femilift 

A session of Femilift treatment can cost approximately $1,000. If this is unaffordable, there are some options to cover your Femilift procedure costs:

1. Discounts or Referrals

Discounts and referrals are a great way to save some cost on your Femilift treatment. Check for discounts or special offers on Femilift treatment at your cosmetic clinic. You can also ask if the clinic provides referral discounts when your friends, family, or doctor refer you. Referral discounts may not be substantial, but they do reduce your overall treatment cost. 

2. Flexible Payment Plans

During your initial consultation with your doctor, discuss the cost of your treatment and options for payment. Most clinics offer flexible payment plans, allowing you to pay in small, manageable installments. 

3. Personal or Medical Loans

You can opt for personal or medical loans to cover Femilift treatment costs. Your doctor can help you find places to get medical loans.

Get Femilift at NVSCC

Put an end to your feminine concerns with Femilift at NVSCC. Under the care of our gynecology expert Dr. Lynn Kowalski, you will improve your vaginal health and self-confidence. We offer flexible payment options to cover the treatment cost at your convenience., Contact us today to revitalize your life and stop pulling away from intimacy.