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The Ultimate Guide to Menopause and Its Symptoms

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When women are beginning to experience menopause, it can be a very daunting life transition. Unfortunately, there’s no guide in the universe that can cover every aspect for every woman because each woman is different. Women reach menopause at an average age of 51, with the general range of 40 through 58. As our bodies… Read more »


Do At-Home Colon Cancer Detection Kits Work?

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Given that colon cancer takes the lives of 50,000 Americans each year, taking responsibility for this aspect of your health is vital. In addition to traditional colon cancer screening, it is now possible to test for colon cancer without colonoscopy using at-home colon cancer detection kits. The big question, however, is whether they are a… Read more »


The Importance of Genetic Testing for Cancer

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Cancer can affect anybody irrespective of age or background. Nonetheless, it is shown that some families can be at greater risk of some cancers than others. Gene mutations can be hereditary, which can increase the threat levels. Therefore, genetic testing for cancer is an important element of fighting back against the disease. Here’s all you… Read more »

Enjoying Your Fifties with More Intimacy

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Women are always worried about their age and hitting a point where their lives just come to an abrupt end because they beat the big 5-0. Our mothers start believing they don’t have to have the lives they had before marriage and kids. Intimacy at fifty is almost a taboo topic to women of this… Read more »


Tips to Ease the Worry during Your Cancer Journey

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The moment you get the results of your cancer testing is when your cancer journey begins. You suddenly feel your life flash before your eyes and get anxiety thinking about all the things you want to accomplish in life. It is often difficult to learn how to cope with your cancer because you don’t even… Read more »


Doctors are Starting to Listen to Women’s Health Concerns

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How would you feel if your doctor simply brushes off the health concerns you have? Many women are given this treatment for their symptoms or issues, where their physician will simply misdiagnosis them or tell them it will eventually go away. Neglecting women’s health concerns are not only making certain issues they experience but it… Read more »


Should I Have Urinary Incontinence at My Age?

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As health and young as women can be, they are still not an exception to the possibilities of urinary incontinence. Many factors come into play for this condition, but is there an age for urinary incontinence to occur? Defining an age might not be a possibility but at least you can identify the symptoms of… Read more »

In the Dark about Inflammatory Breast Cancer

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We are always celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness in October by wearing our supportive pink ribbons and participating in events to discover a cure for this devastating disease. Some women aren’t aware of the various types of this cancer, including one called inflammatory breast cancer. This type is rare and more aggressive than the one we… Read more »

Let’s Talk: Having a Conversation with Your Aging Parents about Intimacy

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Don’t we all hate the dreaded sex conversation with our parents, asking us if we are being safe and knew about protection? As a teenager, you can instantly feel the embarrassment filling up your body. But what happens if you reverse the roles and you are having a conversation about intimacy for your parents? Although… Read more »

When is a Perfect Time for a Cervical Cancer Screening

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Is there ever a good time to look into your chances of cervical cancer? If you are not aware, a cervical cancer screening is a great option to learn your potential of obtaining it in the future. But many women are unfamiliar with the appropriate moment to schedule their screening. When it comes to bringing… Read more »