Top Threats to Women’s Health and Preventive Lifestyle Changes

Top Threats to Women’s Health and Preventive Lifestyle Changes

As a Las Vegas cancer center, we see threats to women’s health every single day. Advances in the medical industry have done a lot to combat common women’s health problems. In order to take advantage of these treatments, first, you must be informed. The list of women’s health issues is long, but these are some of the top health concerns that worry specialists. 

3 Threats to Women’s Health

Protect the heart

Heart disease remains the top killer for both genders but is responsible for 29% of female deaths every year. Cardiovascular problems continue as one of the top threats to women’s health because, according to experts, women are underdiagnosed, thus, untreated. 

Some physicians are quick to dismiss female health problems like:

  • Chest pain
  • Jaw pain
  • Shoulder discomfort
  • Frequent nausea and vomiting

Although these symptoms are common in many diseases, they are warning signs of heart disease. Cardiovascular health risks increase from smoking, obesity, pre-existing conditions, and family health history

Take it from a Las Vegas cancer center that cures ignored symptoms–If something doesn’t feel right in your chest, don’t stop searching for answers until you’ve got one.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Studies show over 50% of Americans coping with Alzheimer’s are women. Not much is known about what causes this heartbreaking illness but the fact that it kills 4% of women every year is known. Alzheimer’s disease ranks high on the list of women’s health issues because it’s often ignored until it’s too late. What might start out as a few memory problems and occasional confusion can turn into a lifetime of memories lost.

Not all female health problems, like Alzheimer’s disease, have a cure. But tracking women’s health using helpful apps can keep on top of doctor’s visits and more. This helps catch diseases early and potentially increase life expectancy.


Nearly 22% of women’s death can be attributed to cancers. Sadly, most deaths can be prevented by lifestyle changes. Like many other threats to women’s health, early diagnosis is key to survival. 

Women should never ignore the following symptoms:

  • Vaginal bleeding after menopause
  • Heavy/abnormal periods
  • Pelvic pain
  • Unexpected weight loss or gain
  • Changes in appetite
  • Lumps and other abnormal growths

Some women might avoid seeking care because of cancer’s reputation as a “death sentence.” Fortunately, cancer treatments have many success stories. It is possible to live a long, happy, and healthy life after completing a cancer journey. 

Have You Received an Abnormal Pap Smear? 

Have you recently received abnormal results from your pap smear? Make an appointment with Nevada Surgery & Cancer Center. We’re experienced with ovarian cancers and can help you navigate the next steps. 

 Women usually take the lead role on caregiving for children, elderly family members, and even friends. Although the role of a nurturer is a necessary one, sometimes it overshadows women’s health preventive measures. You might think it’s okay to skip the gym a few weeks in a row or reschedule that doctor’s appointment for a few months out, but these sorts of decisions are affecting your long term health. Find out what lifestyle changes you can make today, to combat some women’s health issues.

Women’s Health Preventive Measures

Make a healthy diet a priority

Do you ever get so busy during the day that you lay down to go to sleep, only to realize you didn’t eat yet? Before you feel guilty, remember we all do it sometimes, but women’s healthcare starts from the inside. Maintaining a healthy diet can help ward off some serious diseases. 

Instead of pulling through a drive-thru for a quick bite, pack a lunch box at night. A healthy snack pack will have all colors of the rainbow represented. This means lots of fruits and vegetables. Leaving meat and fish in a travel box could put you at risk for food poisoning so integrate the two into at-home meals. 

Some fitness experts insist bodies are made in the kitchen. Healthy food and portion sizes can help you shed some pounds and ward off serious cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Sweat it out

Women’s health and fitness fall to the wayside once their schedules fill up with work, family, and responsibility. Next time you want to skip your run, pilates class, or the gym remember this: Exercise is one of the top women’s health preventive measures. Not only does physical activity help you stay in shape but it lowers stress levels too.

Society doesn’t talk about mental health enough, but it’s one of the top women’s health issues. You don’t have to suffer in silence if you’re struggling with depression. Many people don’t want to visit a psychiatrist or therapist, which is okay. The gym can be your chaise and help you work through some slight depression and other life stressors. 

Drink more of the right stuff

Drinking too much alcohol can cause severe damage to your internal organs. Many alcohol companies pander to women and are, perhaps unknowingly, are creating more women’s health issues. If you want to drink, limit your intake to one alcoholic beverage per day. During off time, fill your body with water, freshly pressed juices, and other healthy liquids.

Stop smoking

A Las Vegas cancer center sees first-hand the negative side effects of smoking and secondhand smoke exposure. If you’ve taken up the habit, quit now. Your primary care physician can give you tips to help make the transition easier. 

Secondhand smoke is dangerous too. Women’s health preventive measures include:

  • Avoiding enclosed spaces like restaurants and bars where smoking takes place
  • Don’t allow guests or family members to smoke in your home or vehicle
  • Enforce no smoking policies at work and in the community
  • Encourage your family and friends to drop their smoking habit

Keep up on regular exams

Women’s healthcare isn’t a priority for a lot of females. Regular exams are important, though, even if you feel fine. It’s astonishing to physicians how many women report they’ve never received a pelvic exam or breast cancer screening. Get checked out every year, even if you think everything is okay. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Family History of Women’s Cancers?

Those who keep up with their yearly gynecological check-up appointments are more likely to catch threats to women’s health early. If you can’t remember the last time you went in for a pap smear or cancer screening, make an appointment as soon as possible.

Do you have a family history of ovarian cancer? Contact Nevada Surgery & Cancer Center to find out if you’re a good candidate for genetic testing.