The Positives of a Hysterectomy Every Woman Should Know

The Positives of a Hysterectomy Every Woman Should Know

There is a lot to think about when you are considering a hysterectomy—the feeling of barrenness, a new inability to have children, and feeling less like a woman. But everything has a positive to it, and the positives of a hysterectomy make the thought of the procedure less daunting. You might even be overjoyed by some of the results coming from a hysterectomy.

4 Positives of a Hysterectomy

If you have asked yourself, “Should I get a hysterectomy?” but don’t know if it is the right time yet, consider these benefits of a hysterectomy. Then consult with your gynecologic oncologist if the procedure is right for you at this time and what you need to know about hysterectomies.

You start actually saving money

What does money have to do with a hysterectomy? Because women no longer have a monthly menstrual period after their hysterectomy, they save upwards of about $1,200 a year they would have spent buying pads, tampons, and underwear meant for menstruation days. This is one of the true positives of a hysterectomy getting women overjoyed for life after a hysterectomy.

Leak stress dissolves

Heavy periods give women anxiety due to a fear of leakage, making them paranoid of where they sit and what they wear. Even sleeping makes women anxious, and they result to sleep with a towel on their beds to avoid bloodstains on their mattresses and sheets.

Another positive of a hysterectomy is your leakage stress dissolves due to the elimination of your menstrual period. In other words, wear your white pants with confidence and get rid of your bed towels.

Painful periods are out the window

If you suffer from heavy periods and uterine pains due to painful fibroids or endometriosis, a hysterectomy can abolish these symptoms and give you back your life. One organ inside your body does not define who you are or all the things you do. You are no less of a woman without a uterus.

Eliminate your period calendar

Medical paperwork becomes easier after your hysterectomy. You don’t have to figure out the exact date of your last period. So marking your calendar or having a phone app record your period dates isn’t necessary anymore. You proudly mark the “not applicable” box and continue on with the rest of the medical paperwork.

Minimally Invasive Hysterectomies

Another positive of a hysterectomy is the advanced technology available for a more minimally invasive procedure. Dr. Lynn Kowalski wrote the book on the evolution of modern hysterectomies. She is an expert in guiding women to the hysterectomy they need. Schedule a consultation with her for our gynecological surgery services.

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