Life after a Hysterectomy: What Happens after Your Hysterectomy Procedure?

Life after a Hysterectomy: What Happens after Your Hysterectomy Procedure?

What happens with life after a hysterectomy? Women are hesitant about a hysterectomy because they worry about how the procedure will affect their life. A hysterectomy is an important part of a women’s health and women’s care. Life after a hysterectomy brings its own set of conditions. Understanding what actually happens after a hysterectomy should give you relief in knowing your life can continue the way it was before the procedure.

What to Expect for Your Life after a Hysterectomy

Hysterectomies nowadays are not the same as the hysterectomies of our mothers. With innovative surgical procedures, hysterectomies help more women with faster recovery times and more minimally invasive procedures resulting in little scarring. Life after a hysterectomy is less daunting than it was before.

You could feel better than you did before

It is a common misconception of hysterectomies making women feel worse than they did before. Because hysterectomies are procedures to treat endometriosis and fibroids, the procedure actually causes women to feel relief because they are not experiencing the pain of these conditions.

For women who have suffered from fibroids and endometriosis, life after a hysterectomy is actually more of a relief than a pain.

Sex life after a hysterectomy

Most women are concerned with what will happen to their sex life after their hysterectomy. Will they lose their sexual desire and will their sexual relationships be affected? This all depends on the type of hysterectomy you go through. If you are getting both your ovaries and uterus during your hysterectomy, your sexual desire is affected due to the procedure affecting your estrogen and testosterone hormones produced in the ovaries.

But there is a silver lining, as many studies have shown an actual improvement in sexual activity. Women who have suffered from vaginal pain or excessive bleeding find sexual activity more enjoyable after their hysterectomy due to the elimination of the pain and bleeding. Women also eliminate the possibility of becoming pregnant after a hysterectomy, making sex more enjoyable for women and possibly worry-free.

Are You Planning on Having a Hysterectomy?

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