Role of exercise in preventing Colon Cancer

The Role of Exercise In Preventing Colon Cancer

Regular exercise is vital for healthy living. Doctors recommend incorporating some form of physical activity into your schedule to improve your quality of life. Exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight, improves your stamina, and strengthens your body. Its benefits extend beyond physical health, as it boosts your mental health and mood, reduces stress, and … Continued

genetic testing

Genetic Testing During Pregnancy: Prenatal Screening Quick Guide

Genetic testing is an amazing technology that can provide valuable information regarding your current and future health. It involves DNA examination, which is the chemical catalog of your body instructions.  The testing can show unnatural changes in the body that can lead to medical pathology. But if you have thought about getting pregnant, genetic testing … Continued

new years resolutions your colon

New Year’s Resolutions Your Colon Will Thank You For

It is the end of the year. Vacations from work, beautiful snow, family get-togethers, and notorious parties are abundant. As you enter the New Year, before the countdown, look around at your food plate. What are you eating? It is safe to assume it is not a plate of healthy veggies and grains, but more … Continued

Rectal Cancer

How To Find An Experienced Rectal Cancer Doctor In Nevada

What Is Rectal Cancer? Colorectal cancer, also known as rectal cancer and colon cancer, is the third most prevalent cancer diagnosed in the United States after skin malignancies.  The large intestine extends for a few inches into the rectum; it begins at the end of the last section of your colon and terminates when it … Continued

Genetic testing

Ethics, Genetic Testing, and Counseling: A Patient Guide

Genetic testing and counseling is a rapidly growing and fascinating field of medicine. Though testing is relatively new, it has been the topic of many government policies and practices involving genetics and testing for various conditions like sickle cell anemia.   Every newly developed genetic test brings several issues regarding health, medicine, and social policy … Continued

gynecologic oncology

Gynecologic Oncology Procedures and Cancers: A Complete List

Cancers of the female reproductive system or gynecologic cancers are rare. However, all women have a risk of developing gynecologic cancer, which increases with age. Gynecologic cancer can be treated, but treatment is more effective if the cancer is diagnosed early.  Gynecologic oncology is the medical field that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of … Continued

genetic testing

Genetic Testing and Counseling for Cancer: What We Test For

Genetic counseling and testing are sensible, accessible ways to evaluate future risks and medical needs if you have a history of cancer in your family. Genetic counseling can help you to make educated decisions regarding genetic testing. Genetic testing looks for DNA changes that can influence your medical care needs.  Genetic counseling provides information regarding … Continued