Life after a Hysterectomy: What Happens after Your Hysterectomy Procedure?

What happens with life after a hysterectomy? Women are hesitant about a hysterectomy because they worry about how the procedure will affect their life. A hysterectomy is an important part of a women’s health and women’s care. Life after a hysterectomy brings its own set of conditions. Understanding what actually happens after a hysterectomy should … Continued

The Difference between a Gynecologic Oncologist and an OB/GYN

Which is which? Women’s care doctors can be tricky to not get confused. The difference between a gynecologic oncologist versus an OB/GYN can get women to think twice about whether they are visiting the right doctor. Although they have gynecology and women’s health in common, their duties are fairly different. Once you understand the differences … Continued