Keeping Intimacy after Your Hysterectomy

Hysterectomies are often a bad word in the life of a woman, as they feel their whole life will be completely different after the gynecological surgery. Their moods, body, and intimacy after a hysterectomy are significant components a woman takes into consideration when given the choice of undergoing the procedure. But life after a hysterectomy … Continued

3 Ways to Prevent Weight Gain after a Hysterectomy

After a hysterectomy, many women find themselves more and more sedentary as they heal. It’s easy to put on weight when most of the first two weeks of recovery you spend in bed, and you find yourself mindlessly snacking or overeating. Prevent weight gain after a hysterectomy by following these three tips and being enjoying … Continued

Life after a Hysterectomy: What Happens after Your Hysterectomy Procedure?

What happens with life after a hysterectomy? Women are hesitant about a hysterectomy because they worry about how the procedure will affect their life. A hysterectomy is an important part of a women’s health and women’s care. Life after a hysterectomy brings its own set of conditions. Understanding what actually happens after a hysterectomy should … Continued