The Way to Taking Back Control of Your Urine Incontinence

The Way to Taking Back Control of Your Urine Incontinence

Do you have constant bathroom visits due to your struggles with urine incontinence? Take back control of your urine incontinence in the new year to avoid missing out on special moments. Urine incontinence doesn’t have charge of your life anymore when there are procedures ready to help women take back control of their lives.

One way to take control is a simple procedure helping millions of women keep their bathroom visits at a minimum.

How to Take Back Control of Your Urine Incontinence

What is urine incontinence? This bladder control condition keeps many women rushing to the bathroom at any moment. The joy of laughing or worry of coughing is several activities they avoid to prevent an embarrassing leak.

Consult with your doctor about treatment options

You don’t have to allow urine incontinence to take over your 2018. Speaking with your doctor for tips for help with urine incontinence gives you ideas to get you on your way to a reversal of the condition. Your doctor knows specific treatments and activities for you to do to take back control of your urine incontinence.

Keep the pelvic floor perky

Exercising your pelvic floor is a solution to tighten your muscles and help with urine incontinence. Pelvic floor exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles holding your bladder and leaving you with tightness in the area. The activities help lessen your sudden urges to run to the restroom and keeps everything tight. There are multile types of exercises to choose from, and all depend on the kind of urine incontinence you have.

Femilift is Helping You Take Back Control of Your Urine Incontinence

The quick and easy procedure of Femilift is helping women all over get back their life from urine incontinence. With just one treatment, women see a significant difference in their condition and feel like their lives are back with fewer bathroom trips and accidental leaks.

What is Femilift?

Femilift is the revolutionary procedure helping women with multiple types of feminine issues keeping them from enjoying life. It is a painless solution for those suffering from complications after childbirth, during menopause, or the constant problem of urine incontinence. These symptoms give a woman less confidence and often diminishes their self-esteem. It also affects a woman’s sex life, due to vaginal dryness and loss of tone.

The procedure uses a high-precision Alma CO2 laser with 360-degree rotation capability to assist in the vaginal mucosa revitalization. The rejuvenation of the laser results in a lubricating and tightening effect on the vagina.

How many treatments will I need?

The beauty of Femilift is women see results from the revitalization of one treatment. They won’t have to do multiple sessions of a vaginal laser procedure to get the outcome they are looking to get.

Another bonus of the Femilift procedure is it is done in the comfort of your doctor’s office and not in a surgery room. You won’t have to go under anesthesia for the treatment either, as it usually only takes a total of ten minutes to complete the revitalization. The quickness of the treatment means you get to spice up your night right after your procedure.

Give Femilift a Try This Year

Take back charge against urine incontinence with the help of Femilift. This quick procedure has helped many women get back their confidence from their vaginal issues. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Lynn Kowalski to see how Femilift can help you this year!