Spice up Your Cold Nights with Femilift

Spice up Your Cold Nights with Femilift

The air is becoming more nippy, which means more nights staying in with your partner and more chances for intimacy. Spice up those cozy nights by the fire with vaginal rejuvenation from Femilift. This innovative procedure helps women with the feminine problems keeping them from enjoying the intimacy they deserve. Spend more warm, intimate moments this chilly season with Femilift.

How Vaginal Rejuvenation from Femilift Helps with More Intimate Cold Nights

Women go through changes similar to the weather and some changes affect their intimacy and self-esteem. Femilift helps boost your confidence to enjoy more passionate moments with your significant other.

What issues does Femilift help with

Vaginal rejuvenation through Femilift is for women experiencing feminine issues due to childbirth or menopause.

Here are the issues Femilift helps you with:

  • Painful sexual intercourse due to dryness in the vagina
  • Stretching of vaginal tissues due to childbirth
  • Permanent loss of tone causing a change in sensation with sex
  • Loss of urine when laughing or coughing

Women shouldn’t lose the intimacy they deserve due to these issues and vaginal rejuvenation from Femilift helps give women their spice back so they enjoy the passion they need.

How does vaginal rejuvenation from Femilift work?

Femilift is a quick procedure done in the comfort of your doctor’s office. Unlike common vaginal laser procedures, anesthesia is not needed because it is a quick non-surgical process.

Femilift uses a high-precision Alma CO2 laser to assist with vaginal mucosa revitalization through thermal energy, causing more vaginal lubrication and more vaginal tightening. The high-precision Alma CO2 laser is attached to a probe with 360-degree rotation capability and then inserted into the vagina. It is a painless procedure, and you don’t have any downtime afterward. This means you have the chance to try out the results the same night!

Give Vaginal Rejuvenation from Femilift a Try!

Bring more passion to your chilly nights with a quick Femilift procedure. Our own Dr. Lynn Kowalski is a pioneer of Femilift in the Las Vegas area. Schedule a consultation with her today!

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