Fall Back into Intimacy with a Femilift Treatment This Autumn

Fall Back into Intimacy with a Femilift Treatment This Autumn

Chilly autumn nights mean cozy nights by the fire with your love, but what if you don’t feel confident in your intimacy due to feminine problems? With a Femilift treatment, you can feel confident this fall in your intimacy. This quick vaginal laser rejuvenation procedure takes care of the feminine problems making you self-conscious with your partner.

Fall into New Intimacy with a Femilift Treatment

As the weather gets on the chilly side, more intimate moments are going to happen with your significant other. Don’t allow your feminine problem to come between your autumn fun indoors—try Femilift today!

Feminine problems keeping you from being intimate

Do you avoid intimate moments with your significant other due to feminine issues? Some women experience the same feminine issues and keep them from enjoying their intimacy life.

Here are the feminine issues keeping women from enjoying life:

  • Pain or dryness during sexual intercourse
  • Stretching of vaginal tissues due to childbirth
  • Loss of tone affecting the sensation during intercourse and loss of urine when laughing, coughing, and sneezing.

These feminine problems shouldn’t come between you enjoying your intimacy and are taken care of with a Femilift treatment.

Femilift treatment

Unlike other vaginal laser procedures, a femilift treatment happens in the comfort of an office. The treatment uses a high precision Alma CO2 laser to apply thermal energy to the vaginal area to assist vaginal mucosa revitalization. The revitalization results in a tightening and lubricating effect in the vagina. The procedure takes five minutes to complete, and there isn’t any waiting time afterward.

Fall in Love with Your Intimacy Again with a Femilift Treatment

Keep warm this fall by enjoying your intimacy again. With the vaginal laser procedure of Femilift, you won’t have any downtime between the procedure, meaning you can enjoy the results the same night. Schedule your consultation for a Femilift treatment today!

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