Lights out: How Urban Lighting Could be a Breast Cancer Risk Factor

Lights out: How Urban Lighting Could be a Breast Cancer Risk Factor

Did you ever think you would hear street lights being a breast cancer risk factor? A recent study states urban lighting is becoming a risk factor for breast cancer. But how does the streetlight become a risk factor for women’s health when women use street lights without even thinking about it?

How Street Lights Can Be Breast Cancer Risk Factors

When we are surrounded by street lights everywhere we go, how can women avoid getting breast cancer from urban lighting? It could all depend on a women’s lifestyle and women’s cancer prevention.

The nightlife

A Harvard Medical School study found an association between women who live in areas with high amounts of night street light exposure and a breast cancer risk factor. The group conducting the research tracked around 110,000 women who worked nighttime work shifts and smoked using nighttime satellites. This is why researchers see urban lighting as a breast cancer risk factor—women are exposed to the urban lighting more because of their night shifts.

But why does it increase the chances of breast cancer? Urban lighting disrupts the body’s internal clock and lowers levels of a hormone called melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives human skin, hair, and eyes its color. Low levels of melanin boost the risk of breast cancer in women.

All about the lifestyle

Women shouldn’t steer clear from urban lighting just yet. The research study focused on women who worked at night and smoked, so the effects of street lights are more prominent in women with this lifestyle. Research also says these women may not exercise or eat well than a woman who works during the day and maintains a healthy lifestyle that is preventative of breast cancer.

As always, women taking preventative cancer care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle have lower risks of obtaining breast cancer.

Don’t Avoid Street Lights and Preventative Cancer Care

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