This Is Making Women with Menopause Jump with Joy

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Are you entering the new year with a fear of the impending doom of menopause? In our modern age, women with menopause have found their shield to fight the effects of this period in their life. They discovered a way to keep their intimacy and sexiness all while going through their “change of life.”

A quick procedure is giving women the power to handle their menopause without losing the joy in life and their intimacy.

Feminine Issues Women with Menopause Face

Menopause affects many aspects of a woman’s life, and they often feel caged in to just deal with the problems it brings them.

Feminine issues cause women with menopause to avoid their intimacy, thus keeping them from enjoying their life. The following problems keep women from experiencing their best lives at their age:

  • Loss of hormones
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Pain during intercourse

Women with menopause begin to avoid sexual intercourse altogether because they don’t feel confident anymore in their intimacy. They shouldn’t have to steer clear of the passion they deserve due to the problems affecting them during those moments.

Femilift Helps Women with Menopause Get Back into the Groove

Women all over have discovered their help in maintaining their passionate fire alive and how to help deal with menopause. Femilift is a woman’s defense to keep their intimacy and confidence during menopause.

What is Femilift?

A Femilift treatment is making women jump with joy and very thankful due to it being a quick and minimally invasive procedure. They go directly to their doctor offering the vaginal laser rejuvenation treatment and quickly get their intimacy back. It is the help for women with menopause need to get through this time.

The Femilift procedure involves a high-precision Alma CO2 laser to help apply thermal energy in the vagina. This laser is attached to a probe and then inserted into the vaginal area to begin the regeneration of the vaginal mucosa. This revitalization leaves the patient with a tightening and lubricating effect, thus helping impact the feminine issues they had before the procedure.

The rejuvenation happens in the comfort of a doctor’s office, and because it is minimally invasive, there isn’t any downtime after the procedure. Women don’t experience any pain during the process and don’t have to go under anesthesia either.

Intimacy becomes stronger than before

The beauty of this procedure is how quickly women feel the results. While other vaginal rejuvenation procedures expect women to wait before engaging in sexual intercourse for recovery, Femilift gives them the freedom to indulge in passion the same day of their procedure. It gives women their confidence to get the intimacy they deserve, no matter their age.

Many women often believe their passion diminishes the second menopause hits them, but with Femilift, many women are maintaining their sex lives or even causes them to have more intimacy due to their newly found confidence.

Fight Back Against Menopause with the Help of Femilift

Dr. Lynn Kowalski is ready to help women with menopause take back their passion and confidence. She will walk you through the steps of the Femilift treatment and how it can help you. Contact us to schedule a consultation with her today!