How to Keep Your Intimacy Even with Menopause

How to Keep Your Intimacy Even with Menopause

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Women experiencing menopause believe they have passed their time to be intimate or suffer from feminine problems keeping them from being confident in their intimacy. Women can experience intimacy even with menopause. Menopause shouldn’t put a pause on experiencing affection for your significant other. Procedures like Femilift allows women to keep the fire lit and gives them the confidence they need.

Femilift: Giving Women Intimacy Even With Menopause

A Femilift treatment gives women their confidence back to be more intimate and spice up their lives. Feminine problems cause women to avoid intimacy.

Menopause treatment

Women go through many changes during their menopause and one major change is the vaginal issues, such as a lack of vaginal lubrication, causing a strain in their sexual lives. A quick Femilift treatment easily takes care of these vaginal issues.

The common vaginal issues Femilift treats are the following:

  • Lack of vaginal lubrication during intercourse
  • Painful experience during intercourse
  • Loss of tone in the vagina
  • Urine incontinence

Vaginal issues caused by menopause shouldn’t keep you continuing to enjoy your sexual relations with your partner. Femilift improves your intimacy even with menopause with little effort.

Femilift procedure

What makes Femilift a great option for women going through menopause? The quickness of the procedure for women who want to get back to their intimacy without a long vaginal procedure. Femilift takes about five minutes and is done in the comfort of your doctor’s office.

Femilift takes a high-precision Alma CO2 laser probe which has a 360-degree rotation capability. The laser probe is inserted into the vagina and applies thermal energy into the vagina to assist with vaginal mucosa revitalization.

Vaginal mucosa revitalization causes the following:

  • Increased vaginal sensation
  • Vaginal lubrication
  • Revived sex life

Femilift doesn’t have any downtime after the procedure, which means you can feel your results instantly and return to your intimacy immediately.

Experience Intimacy Even with Menopause with a Femilift Treatment

Don’t let menopause keep you from feeling confident in your intimacy. Treat your feminine problems with a quick Femilift procedure. Schedule your consultation for Femilift today!