Tracking Women’s Health Through Apps

Tracking Women’s Health Through Apps

Modernism has helped so many women with technology our mothers only wished to have in the palm of their hands. With smartphones, there are so many women’s health apps for the ladies to use to help them follow-up everything we go through, such as our menstruation. These apps to track women’s health and wellness offers a chance for us to stop guessing when our periods will arrive or when we are the most fertile for conceiving.

Having the help in the palm of your hands offers less stress on women to have to track their wellness and offers a helpful insights to information they need for their health.

Best Women’s Health Apps to Help You Out

One of the best ways doctors detect gynecologic cancers early is when women understand when something abnormal goes on with their body. As 2017 approaches, make it a New Year’s resolution to be more on top of your women’s health. It may save your life.

Check out our favorite apps for women’s health to help you track your menstrual cycle, make fitness goals, note your PMS symptoms, and more.


By far, one of the most accurate and helpful app, the Clue app is not like other period tracking apps. You can mark on a calendar the day your period starts each month, but you can also follow symptoms you feel on different days. There are options to record such symptoms as nausea, changes in libido, food cravings, stomach pain, and the days you engage in sexual intercourse.

Clue will predict your fertile window and ovulation day, and they’ll also send you an email each month that summarizes your cycle length and symptoms. This is an excellent app for the women who are trying to get pregnant or someone who wants to track women’s health symptoms, allowing her to to notice when symptoms change easily.


Boarding for Breast Cancer, or B4BC, is a breast cancer prevention app. The B4BC app will provide you with a self-breast exam reminder each month, along with an exam guide, wellness tips, and education on breast cancer awareness. This app is a great tool to use in between visits with your doctor and to empower yourself to take control of your health.

Women’s Health Diary

Women’s Health Diary is a conglomerate of many women’s health apps put together. This app has capabilities of a menstrual tracker and a women’s fitness app. Some of its features include:

  • Weight and BMI tracking
  • Calorie counting
  • Menstrual cycle calendar
  • Health screenings
  • Health appointments
  • Medication diary
  • And more!

If you’re not sure exactly what you want in a women’s health app, try this one that combines many things in one!


Almost as famous as Clue, this women’s health app is helping women find the right time to try to conceive their future child. Glow logs your period with other health insights to give you the peak period for your fertility. They estimated 20,000 of its users managed to conceive naturally through their app.

Add Your Appointment to Gynecological Oncologist to Your Phone

Our gynecological oncology services offer some insights into women’s health similar to these apps. Dr. Lynn Kowalski provides cancer testing and other oncology services to focus on the health of our female patients. Contact us for an appointment today!