New Therapies For Endometrial Cancer Resistant Patients

New Therapies For Endometrial Cancer Resistant Patients

Great news for endometrial cancer resistant patients—a new type of therapy for endometrial cancer treatment might have been discovered. With limited options for endometrial cancer therapies, this new breakthrough is a breath of relief for those patients who didn’t have any other options left for endometrial cancer care.

A Treatment Option for Endometrial Cancer Resistant Patients

The standard endometrial and ovarian cancer therapy for the past 25 years has been a chemotherapy drug named, cisplatin. While cisplatin is successful in the beginning stage of endometrial cancer treatment, cancer often returns and becomes resistant to the therapy. The resistance to the therapy is what left patients feeling they didn’t have any other options for treatment.

The aggressive protein

The Cleveland Clinic is a leader in the research to find the new therapy for endometrial cancer resistant patients. They focused their study on the therapy on the unique role of CD55, an immune regulatory protein. Researchers found out the surface of endometrioid ovarian cancer and uterine cancer cells has an abundance of CD55. This protein in high levels causes the cancer stem cells to be more aggressive—thus blocking the cisplatin treatments and making them ineffective.

A new hope

Researchers want to find a way to remove or block the CD55 signaling path of the cancer cells. Blocking the CD55 makes the cells more sensitive to the cisplatin treatment. As a result, the effectiveness of the cisplatin returns once the cancer cells become sensitive to the treatment.

Most noteworthy is there is an existing FDA investigational drug inhibiting a CD55 signaling path and researchers hope it is used alongside the cisplatin treatment for improved treatment outcomes for the endometrial cancer resistant patients.  This is estimated to be a breakthrough in women’s health.

Breakthrough Method of Cancer Care

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