Dr. Lynn Kowalski

Dr. Lynn Kowalski Brings Gynecological Care to Facebook Live

Facebook is a place to connect individuals from all over to a topic or a friendship. You can see what your friends are doing or what they like and share stories of your life. With the feature of Facebook Live, you get to interact with individuals in real time and discuss an event or topic.

Our very own Dr. Lynn D. Kowalski took the Facebook Live stage to spread the message and knowledge of gynecological care and the latest in surgical technology. She got the chance to inform individuals who were interested in learning about the positives of laparoscopic surgery.

Dr. Lynn Kowalski Spreading the Message of Gynecological Care on Facebook Live

Dr. Kowalski was a part of the miVIP Surgery Centers series of Facebook Live events highlighting various types of medical care. She answered questions sent to her in real time by viewers interested to know more about what she does and the advances in modern surgery technology.

What is robotic surgery?

Dr. Kowalski sparked the interest of her viewers when she began discussing the advantages of robotic-assisted surgeries, or laparoscopic surgeries. She spoke about how laparoscopic surgeries are more minimally invasive than standard surgeries. At this point, questions from those watching came coming into her eyesight.

Viewers wanted to know the basics of this innovative new kind of surgery and if some patients qualified for the new type of procedure. Dr. Kowalski gave thorough explanations for each of the questions to help the viewers know precisely what happens in robotic-assisted surgeries. It was so exciting to see individuals having such an interest in understanding their options for gynecological surgery.

Doctor of all trades

While she may be a gynecologic oncologist, Dr. Lynn Kowalski knows how to answer some fundamental medical questions. Viewers would throw basic medical questions to Dr. Kowalski which were out of her area of profession, but this didn’t stop her from providing some thoughtful answers for those with these issues.

It showed Dr. Kowalski’s expertise and how she wasn’t going to allow a question to go unanswered just because it wasn’t in her medical realm. Because she knew the answer, she was helped an individual get the knowledge they needed. Dr. Lynn Kowalski is an experienced doctor ready to answer any medical question you throw at her.

New knowledge of gynecological care

It was beautiful to see individuals have an opportunity to ask the questions they had about gynecological care. Dr. Kowalski giving viewers a look into what she does helps people discover new advances in technology they might not know about or a new type of surgery more comfortable on their body.

The accessibility of Facebook Live helps viewers and Dr. Kowalski connect for the common goal of medical knowledge. If those watching the livestream didn’t know much about gynecological care, they were one step closer thanks to Dr. Lynn Kowalski’s extensive expertise.

Have Dr. Lynn Kowalski Care for Your Gynecological Needs

You’ve seen how thorough her knowledge is in gynecological care, now experience her attention in person. Dr. Lynn Kowalski is an experienced gynecological oncologist ready to show you innovative new surgeries for your care. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with her!