I was seeing another doctor for several years before I met Dr. Kowalski. My previous doctor told me that my condition called for a hysterectomy and that my surgical incision would extend from side to side. You can imagine the fear I felt. Then came my Godsend. A friend recommended a second opinion and said that if I wanted the best, I should see Dr. Kowalski. Immediately upon meeting her, I was much more at ease. Dr. K was generous with her time with me, explained in great detail the Da Vinci method and all my options. She displayed extreme care, and soon I made my decision. The Da Vinci method was incredible, and my four incisions were microscopic. Now I can’t even see them. Since then, Dr. K and her amazing staff have continued to display the kind of care that a patient deserves. Today, Dr. K plays a huge role in my overall health. My family history is cause for concern, but Dr. K sees me on a regular basis, and her great attention to detail always gives me comfort. I give her the highest marks for bedside manner and overall patient care. Now I’m the one recommending her to others. She’s the best!