Yesterday, I was released from Mountain View Hospital, only 5 days after my colectomy. The excellent care given to me by both doctors – Ren yu Zhang and Lynn Kowalski – made this speedy recovery possible. I appreciated their willingness to schedule my operation at a time when both of them could perform the necessary surgeries while I was under anesthesia, rather than having me come back for a second time.

After a colonoscopy was performed a couple of months ago, it showed a non-malignant growth in one of my ovaries and a cancerous growth in my colon. Dr. Kowalski expertly removed both ovaries after consulting with me and my husband about the wisdom of this operation. Dr. Zhang performed the colectomy, removing the malignancy and a portion of my colon. I am grateful for the professionalism, friendliness, and clear communication of both doctors which allowed us to make these decisions based on their knowledge and expert advice. Both of them are very kind and caring and have a wonderful bedside manner. I have complete confidence in their judgment and professional expertise and would not hesitate to go back to Nevada Surgery & Cancer Care in the future.

I am particularly grateful to Dr. Zhang for his superb skills in making the least invasive incisions for the removal of part of my colon. His operation was performed after a clear consultation in which he described the process, the risks, and the expectations. I am enjoying a quick recovery and have had no pain. I will continue to consult with him about post-operative conditions, and I am sure he will alert me to any areas of concern.

With sincere gratitude.