No one intends to embark on a cancer journey, but if a diagnosis of cancer happens to you, it is extremely helpful to know the direction to take for the best results. I was referred to Dr. Kowalski at NVSCC. Before I had a consultation visit with her, when interrogating others in our community, NVSCC and Dr. Kowalski’s excellent reputation were voiced. During the consultation visit with Dr. Kowalski, I quickly discovered a compassionate, confident, intelligent, physician with knowledgeable experience. She explained in detail how the radical hysterectomy (due to endometrial/uterine cancer) was going to occur with the da Vinci Surgical System. It is a year later and never once have I been disappointed with the care I have received from Dr. Kowalski at NVSCC. Her remarkable research dictated chemo and radiation treatments after the surgery. The practice is exceptional and has a unique approach to treating cancer, which ultimately enhances their patients’ lives.