My sister fell ill in October 2007. In reality, her illness likely started long before, but she ‘ignored the signs.’ With her excruciating abdominal pain reaching its peak, she was hospitalized at Mountainview Hospital. It was here that she came under the care of Dr. Lynn Kowalski, who was called in to confirm the emergency room doctor’s finding of a mass.

From the minute we met Dr. Kowalski that fateful day in 2007, through the immediate surgery 3 days later, to Diane’s ongoing treatment for Ovarian Cancer for over 4 years, Diane (and the rest of us as her family) remained completely resolved to her treatment plan as outlined by Dr. Kowalski. All along, the attention and medical care she received from Dr. Kowalski and all of her staff at Nevada Cancer Care and Surgery Center were over the top. Diane’s daughter, our sister, and I were ever-present through her treatment. Dr. K was always candid with us about Diane’s diagnosis and treatment, but always compassionate. She never felt ‘overwhelmed by the rest of the family being present and so involved; rather, she relished in getting to know not only her patient but the rest of us as well.

Dealing with a diagnosis of cancer as the patient, or their family is quite difficult. Your emotions are everywhere, as you try to deal with what will likely be inevitable. Yet, the combination of my sister’s perseverance & positive attitude from day one, to the heartfelt attention of all of her medical needs by the entire staff at NVCSC, made the journey more palatable. Sadly, my sister’s journey ended after 4 plus years. Thankfully, Dr. Kowalski was there to see Diane at the end, giving Diane peace as she reached the end of her journey. Dr. K also made it a point to check in on our family a few days later. She is remarkable: a brilliant doctor and a loving, caring person.

Diane always said Dr. Kowalski was her angel. There is no doubt that her professional care of Diane kept her with us longer than one might have thought. We are forever grateful to Dr. Kowalski and her staff for traveling this journey with us.