Plan for More Fun This Year with This One Simple Thing

With January already passing and February here, it’s time to continue with your new motivation for self-care this year. Life is nothing without some spice and intimacy, and so many women are finding themselves with the simplicity of Femilift. This vaginal laser procedure has helped women get their groove back and enjoy their new year with more confidence and care for themselves.

If you are changing up your new year’s resolution to include more self-care and needing to find a way of how to have more intimacy this year, add Femilift to your list to help improve your intimacy. This procedure is the definition of simple and doesn’t take time away from completing the other goals you have for the year.

What is Femilift?

So how simple is Femilift and how quickly can it get you back to the intimacy you need in your life? The beauty of Femilift is it doesn’t require more than one treatment to give you the results you need, and this is what makes women so thankful for the procedure.

This vaginal rejuvenation treatment is done in the comfort of your doctor’s office and doesn’t require any anesthesia to perform the procedure. There is also no downtime after your treatment, which is another benefit of the simplicity of Femilift as this means you won’t have to wait to bring your intimacy out.

Who could benefit from Femilift?

Every woman deserves to have the life of intimacy they want, but often, there are complications keeping women from experiencing it. They don’t have to come between them anymore once women know about Femilift.

The following are women who benefit from Femilift:

  • Women who have gone through childbirth and have some permanent loss of tone and sensation in their vagina
  • Those dealing with menopause and loss of hormones causing pain during intercourse
  • Urinary incontinence sufferers who are running back and forth to the restroom

How Does Femilift Work?

Does the simplicity of Femilift sound too good to be true already? Well, it gets better, because this treatment is also minimally invasive. You won’t have any scarring afterward to worry about, all you will have is a new lease on life and intimacy.

Femilift uses an Alma CO2 high precision laser with a 360-degree rotation capability to apply thermal energy to every angle of the vagina. What does the laser do for the vagina? It assists in the vaginal mucosa revitalization and leaves women with a lubricating and tightening effect.

The entire procedure takes about five minutes, meaning it is quick and painless. Your doctor will walk you through the whole treatment to make you feel comfortable. In no time, you sense the feeling of the effectiveness of this vaginal tightening treatment. Another benefit is you instantly feel rejuvenated and confident in your intimacy, which is also a benefit for your partner.

Add a Femilift Treatment to Your List of Things to Try This Year

Experience for yourself how Femilfit has helped so many women get their confidence back in their life and intimacy. Our very own Dr. Lynn Kowalski is bringing more joy to women all over Las Vegas by offering this innovative treatment. Schedule a consultation with her today for your self-care goals.