Does Femilift Have Side Effects? Here’s What To Know

As women age, they often find they face many feminine health concerns. These concerns can affect intimacy, so conversations regarding their concerns may not happen due to self-consciousness or being uncomfortable.

There is something that exists that can address intimacy issues. For years, women have had few options when choosing vaginal tightening. Femilift is a practical option with proven results. Femilift resurfaces the vagina through laser treatment. It is an effective regeneration procedure that helps women regain confidence by improving vaginal health.

How Femilift Works

Femilift uses an FDA-approved Alma Co2  laser with a rotating probe. The probe is inserted into the vagina, and the laser delivers heat energy targeted at the vaginal mucosa. The mucosa is revitalized as the heat causes the walls of the vagina to tighten and contract. The heat also stimulates the production of collagen. The collagen reduces dryness, lubricating the vaginal walls. 

Gynecologists have trusted the Alma Co2 laser for years. Alma has a history of over two decades of safe applied laser use in private and government hospitals.
Femilift is not like other vaginal rejuvenation treatments. Some demand many repeated treatments performed over time to achieve your desired results. The Femilift laser vaginal tightening procedure only needs one treatment for you to feel results and diminish vaginal dryness. After the treatment, there is no expected downtime, so you can benefit from the results the same night.  

Femilift Benefits

There are numerous benefits to Femilift.

  • Femilift is only 10 to 15 minutes long per treatment.
  • It does not require surgery or anesthesia. 
  • It is safe and pain-free.
  • It is easily carried out in the doctor’s office.

After your procedure, you can return to your daily schedule immediately. Femilift is effective in treating menopausal women who experience dryness. It successfully treats loss of tone in the vaginal wall in women who have delivered numerous children through natural childbirth. Femilift has also had positive results in treating incontinence in women.

Femilift Side Effects

Femilift is safe, minimally invasive, and there is no downtime. There are no surgical risks like anesthetic use, nor are there incisions. You go home with no recovery period.

There are very few risks and side effects linked to the Femilift procedure. It is a laser, so the same protocols that accompany any other laser procedure should be followed. The procedure should not be performed if you have an active infection. Also, Femilift should not be used if you have a connective tissue disorder, take blood thinners, or take medications that interfere with the healing process.

Femilift is considered a cosmetic procedure, so health insurance does not cover it. Depending on the office or facility, the price may run around $1000. Please research this procedure to see if Femilift is for you. If you decide to move forward, take the time to consult with a licensed medical professional to see if Femilift is the procedure for you. Depending on your symptoms, your doctor can walk you through the process of taking the step to get your intimacy confidence back.