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Lowering Your Risk of Colon Cancer with a Healthy Diet

In 2018, there are roughly 140,250 estimated new cases of colorectal cancer, which is almost 8.1% of men and women. Colorectal cancer is severe and like most cancers, has a higher success rate of survival with preliminary action. Your health is the foundation to lift your chances of obtaining colon cancer. An essential item to consider is a diet for colon health to aid your body from harm.

Keeping our colon healthy helps us lessen our chances of obtaining cancer in this area. If a simple thing like considering your food options enables you to lower your risks of colon cancer, would you do it?

A Diet for Colon Health

Healthy colons are happy colons and help your body strengthen itself to fight against illness. Watching your intake of certain foods and considering healthier options allows you to control your health and avoid the surprise of cancer.

How is your colon health? It is vital to maintain a healthy colon helps with colon cancer prevention. What are you doing to support a healthy colon? If you don’t know where to start, we have the ways to good colon health and maintaining it. You will know how to care for your colon, so you can potentially help prevent any colon issues or conditions.

Pesco-vegetarian diet

One of the best healthy diets for colon cancer risk is a pesco-vegetarian diet. This diet primarily plant-based, and moderately incorporates fish when needed. The pesco-vegetarian diet provides the most protection against colon cancer. One study shows a 45 percent reduced colon cancer risk compared to a non-vegetarian diet.

Limit your meat intake

Red meat—processed meat especially—can increase your risk of colon cancer. Many of the meat preserving processes add in dangerous chemical preservatives. Avoid this risk by limiting or completely cutting out your intake of bacon, ham, sausage, and hot dogs.

Foods high in fiber

Fruits and other high fiber foods can decrease your risk of colon cancer. This nutrient adds bulk to your digestive system, and it shortens the amount of time waste travels through your colon. Foods high in fiber can help clear out your colon and remove harmful carcinogens that could infect the intestinal cells.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” can reign some truth after all.


Even though you will have strong garlic breath, garlic does wonders for your colon. There is strong evidence garlic reduces the risk of developing colorectal cancer. It will help you with a diet for colon health, and keep the vampires at bay.

Consider a Colorectal Cancer Screening

Our bodies won’t let us know if they have cancer or not, which is why a cancer screening for colon and rectal cancer is something to consider if you have any unusual colorectal symptoms. Keeping your symptoms to yourself only takes time away from treating your colorectal issue and allows your issue from developing into a more pressing issue. Consult with your doctor about having a colorectal screening.

Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care are Leaders in Colorectal Help

Our colorectal doctors have extensive expertise in various types of colon issues. We will help you with any cancer health needs you have. Contact us today to see one of our doctors for your colon health.

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