Colonoscopy 101: Facts about a Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy 101: Facts about a Colonoscopy

Has a colonoscopy been recommended to you recently but you are unfamiliar with what exactly the procedure is? We want you to fully understand what a colonoscopy is and any additional facts about a colonoscopy you need to know to treat colorectal issues.

What Is a Colonoscopy?

Before we can discuss the facts of the colorectal procedure, we must discuss what exactly a colonoscopy is. A colonoscopy is an exam performed to detect abnormalities in the colon and rectum and allow a colorectal doctor to closely look inside the entire colon and rectum. It is also a way for doctors to examine the colon for polyps which are considered early signs of colon cancer.

Doctors use a thin, hollow, flexible, lighted tube with a miniature camera at the end as known as a colonoscope. The colonoscope is gently inserted into the colon and transfers to a TV screen to the doctor to see the inside immediately. Tiny amounts of air are pumped into the colon so it remains open while the doctor is performing the exam.

Facts about a Colonoscopy

A colonoscopy is a benefit to help detect early stages of colon cancer and helps with colorectal care but many people have the wrong perception of this colorectal procedure.

Preparation before the procedure

Many patients state the preparation before their colonoscopy is worst than the procedure itself. A fact about a colonoscopy to know is your colon should be clean as possible for your doctor to get a clear picture of the inside of your colon. The bowel preparation, as it is commonly referred to, puts patients on a liquid diet for a day before the procedure. It also involves strong laxatives or an enema to flush your colon out before the colonoscopy.

Quick procedure

Worried about your colonoscopy taking long? It is actually a quick procedure and takes about 10 to 20 minutes to complete. You won’t have to spend a whole day in your doctor’s office for your colorectal procedure.

You might not even remember it

If the procedure scares you, you don’t have to worry about even remembering it. You are in an unconscious sedation while the procedure is performed. Most patients say they don’t have any memory of their colonoscopy.

Feelings after the procedure

After your colonoscopy, you will come out of your sedation feeling slightly woozy, which is common. Colonoscopy patients also experience a bit of gas afterwards due to the air pumped during the procedure. Mild cramping and discomfort are the minor symptoms you feel after the colonoscopy.

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