3 Steps for Uterine Cancer Prevention

3 Steps for Uterine Cancer Prevention

Over 61,000 women are diagnosed with uterine cancer every year in the United States. Uterine cancer is the sixth most common cause of cancer death among women. What steps can you take for uterine cancer prevention?

Keeping up with your uterine health is an important step to prevent uterine cancer. Visit your gynecological oncologist for preventative cancer care. Check on your risk factor for developing endometrial cancer through genetic testing.

3 Steps You Can Take for Uterine Cancer Prevention

With such a high percentage of women being diagnosed with uterine cancer, it’s important for you to take preventative steps to figure out if you have a chance of developing uterine cancer. These three steps for uterine cancer prevention helps you figure out where to start on your path to prevention.

Focus on your health

Maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly can reduce estrogen levels and your chances of uterine cancer. A body’s fat cells create estrogen, which increases your chances of uterine cancer. Practice uterine cancer prevention by eating a healthy diet low in animal fats and high in vegetables and fruits, along with exercising.

Avoid certain medicines

Women who are undergoing breast cancer treatment to prevent the disease from returning often take Tamoxifen. This medication can lower your chances of breast cancer, but it can also raise your risks of endometrial cancer, as it acts as an estrogen in the uterus. This can cause the uterine lining to grow and thus can increase your chances of uterine cancer.

Speak up about your symptoms

Talk to your gynecological oncologist or schedule an appointment immediately if you begin to notice abnormal spotting before or after your menstrual period. Keeping silent on these symptoms takes time away from uterine cancer prevention. The earlier you let your gynecological oncologists know about certain symptoms, the more time they have to take action for your uterine health.

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