Ways to Ease Your Nerves During Your Cancer Journey

Ways to Ease Your Nerves During Your Cancer Journey

Your cancer journey begins the moment you receive your results. You may feel like your life has just been flipped upside down and your results may also bring on immediate stress and worry. It may be difficult to cope with your cancer diagnosis because you may not know where to begin. Don’t worry, you’re never alone. Here are ways you can ease your nerves during your cancer journey. 

4 Ways to Ease Your Nerves During Cancer


After your cancer diagnosis, your first step should be to research. Read all you can about your diagnosis and make sure to ask questions. Every cancer patient, even though they have the same diagnosis, may experience different symptoms and emotions during their journey. Teach yourself about the side effects, possible surgeries, and medications. Every journey is unique.

Understand Your Needs

Your cancer diagnosis is new and may mean you need a little extra help doing daily tasks. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask. If you aren’t feeling well, don’t feel like you have to go into work or do chores around the house. Your life has drastically changed, you need to take things a little slower and ask for help.

Find the Right Doctor

Finding the doctor that is best for you is important to your journey. Oftentimes oncologists are the most compassionate and are highly skilled. It is important to find an oncologist you feel comfortable with talking about your diagnosis and everything you are experiencing. You want to feel relaxed and in good hands with your doctor.

Don’t Overthink

While researching about your diagnosis and all the treatments, you also want to learn how to handle your emotions. Don’t stress yourself out about things that could happen – instead focus on the things you can control. You are always in control of your emotions. You can try relaxing activities or even sporty activities. Expressing your feelings about your diagnosis to your family and friends is also another way to relieve stress. Try not to predict what could happen next, and focus on what you can do now.

Finding Support

As strong as you are, you should never go through it alone. Remember, there are always ways to find the support you need. Your kind of support may include:

  • Talking with your healthcare provider
  • Posting to an online cancer support forum
  • Talking to family and friends
  • Hiring a caregiver

Your loved ones, friends, and doctors are here to support you through this change. talk about your needs and concerns, you’re not alone.

Nevada Surgery & Cancer Care

If you have gone through a cancer journey with a loved one, it’s important to know that it won’t happen to you. At Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care, we have genetic testing and counseling. We will help you discover your chances of a cancer diagnosis. Contact us if you have any questions, and schedule an appointment with us today.