Cancer Care Services

We understand it is difficult for cancer patients to understand their treatment options and what will happen after their treatments. Our cancer care services provide the comprehensive cancer care they need and provide treatments for various types of cancers, from colon and rectal cancers to gynecologic cancers.

Our cancer care services include the following:

Our doctors have extensive knowledge and years of experience in cancer treatments and offer our patients with preventative care plans for their health. We want you to leave our offices with a full understanding of your current health, your future treatments, and how we are going to help you along the way. Our doctors also believe in cancer prevention because it is easier to prevent cancer than to treat it and our cancer care services reflect this belief.

Genetic testing and counseling

Our genetic testing and counseling serviceces helps with building a preventative cancer plan for the future. Our focus of the counseling after the genetic testing is to give patients a better understanding of their test results and what we can do now to prevent cancer later on.

Boost in Confidence with Femilift

Due to our connection to gynecologic services for women, we also want women to feel confident, which is why we also offer vaginal laser rejuvenation services. Women suffer from vaginal problems they feel embarrassed about due to childbirth or menopause, and it prevents them from being confident in their intimacy. Our quick and painless Femilift procedure gives them the confidence they need to be intimate and enjoy life again.

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