Things Women Can Do for Cancer Prevention

With approximately 98,000 women around the world developing breast cancer or gynecological cancer between 2015 to 2016, the factors leading to the cancers were completely preventable. Cancer prevention is the one solution to help women from developing cancer. If more women would take preventative cancer care, there would be less of a risk of women … Continued

Preventative HPV Treatment at a Later Age

Human papillomavirus infections are common among sexually active individuals and prevention for HPV is common during the ages of 9-26. When the prime age to get treatment for HPV is between 9-26, what are the HPV treatments for adults past the prime age? There is a vaccination available for adults covering certain strains of the … Continued

Don’t Stay Silent: 5 Symptoms You Should Talk Your Gynecologic Oncologist about

Are you at a lost for words when it comes to asking questions about your vaginal health? Women visit their gynecologic oncologist and will shy away from letting their doctors know about certain symptoms they are experiencing. Some symptoms are more normal than others, but there are cases where symptoms are more severe than they … Continued

Get the Feeling: Techniques for Self-breast Exams

  A self-breast exam is considered the best way to detect the first signs of breast cancer. This simple examination doesn’t require any machines or tools to perform. Just using your fingertips to sense any bumps can help save you from breast cancer. Many women may not know what to feel for or what a … Continued